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Who We Are

Our vibrant character as a Fraternity, focused on architecture and the allied arts, shines ever forward in the city of Miami and beyond. We are surrounded by the unique energy that is our major, and with it are able to provide a positive impact in the community as well as within Florida International University. Our events are numerous and fun, whether professional or leisure, and simply cannot be listed here. Join us in the fun and become a member of the Nicon Chapter of Alpha Rho Chi today!
The Nicon Chapter that we call our own was founded on July 11, 2004 by architecture students at Florida International University. We are located in Miami, Florida. Alpha Rho Chi is a co-ed, social and professional fraternity for students of architecture and the allied arts. With chapters all over the country, Alpha Rho Chi is the largest Social Professional Architecture fraternity in the United States. Located at Florida International University, Miami Florida, we welcome students from the College of Architecture and the Arts to become a part of our family, although all majors are welcome with an interest in architecture and the allied arts. Over the course of a year we are involved in various activities on and off campus including lectures, workshops, philanthropic events and much more. The many benefits of Alpha Rho Chi include leadership experience (perfect for resumes), advice within the programs of the PCA-SOA, and friendships that will last far beyond graduation. Alpha Rho Chi derived its name from the first three letters of the Greek spelling of the word "architecture"—alpha (A), rho (P) and chi (X). Discover what Alpha Rho Chi has to offer! Our chapters across the country have repeatedly earned the top award in the Greek fraternal systems for academic excellence. Our brotherhood—unique in its membership of men and women—strives to achieves fellowship and unity by perpetuating merit in studies and rigor in tradition. For us, there is no compromise, no uncertainty and no regret. For us, personal and collective strength is of the essence. Our numbers are small but sufficient. We are not an elitist organization. We believe in equality of gender and race. We strive to uphold standards and ethics of the design world and society in general. So if you have the inclination, a love of the arts, and a desire to succeed, seek us out and understand why this brotherhood is forever.